Wednesday, December 8, 2010

These stupid little things remind me of you

1. The word 'ya ya ya'
2. Junior high school
3. A telephone that rings
4. When someone ask me 'can i call you?'
5. The flash
6. Nike
7. Disney Lantern Festival
8. Every night when I go to sleep
9. Java Jazz Festival
10. Soulnation
11. The word 'sombong...'
12. Everytime i heard the beatles
13. The word 'pacar'
14. Someone who complaining why my phone is always unreachable
15. The word i miss you
16. The word i love you
17. When a friend talking about her boyfriend
18. When my friends called their mom 'ibu'
19. someone who complaining about RAN everytime i sing their songs
20. Casio calculator watch

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